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Preparewise: Products & Services

PrepareWise is a company dedicated to providing customers with high quality emergency food and other emergency preparedness products, such as survival kits, to help them in times of uncertainty and when disaster strikes. Every home, business, and school should have some sort of emergency preparation plan that includes survival essentials, such as those offered by PrepareWise. The company has chosen to provide only the highest quality dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, which is supplied by the Legacy Premium Food Storage company. Following is a complete list of products that are currently offered by PrepareWise:

  • Food Storage – various sizes of food storage packages of Legacy Premium meals ranging from a single 180-serving bucket, to a 6480-serving package that provides 3 meals per day for 6 people for one full year. The packages contain a variety of freeze dried and dehydrated meals that have a shelf life of up to 25 years, many of which are low fat, low sodium, gluten free, low cholesterol, and high fiber. All meals are made in the USA.
  • Survival Kits – a selection of first aid and disaster survival kits. These range from your basic first aid kits to the Deluxe family Survival Package that includes over 1,000 servings of gourmet food, four advanced water filtration bottles, and two Deluxe Survival Kits that include things like heat packs, waterproof matches, saws, high-calorie food ration bars, solar flashlights, emergency tube tents, and much, much more!
  • Drinks & Sides – flavored drink packs, ground coffee, milk & chocolate milk, powdered milk, assorted sides and snacks, and dehydrated fruit slices and dices.
  • Freeze Dried Meats – customers may order an assortment of freeze dried beef and chicken in one package or choose to order them separately. All are 100% USDA certified and are a great addition to the vegetarian entrees for those who prefer meat.

All food is packaged in 6-serving Mylar foil pouches and stored in BPA-free plastic containers that are not only stackable, but are lightweight and require less storage space than other brands on the market.

Preparewise: Company Background

PrepareWise is a young company located in Salt Lake City, Utah and was founded in early 2011, according to the company’s Facebook page. The Better Business Bureau website lists the principal contact person as Mr. Russell Burraston, COO. Co-managers of the company are Mr. Tyler Barnes, Mr. Phillip Cox, and Mr. Danny East.

Contact Information:

510 S 200 W., Ste 200

Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2320

Phone: 1-888-545-6265

Although business hours are not listed, customers are encouraged to contact customer service at 1 800-568-6943 or email Additionally, customers may fill out the contact form on the company’s website to request a call, leave feedback, or ask a question.

Preparewise: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Though PrepareWise has only been in business for about two years, the company has received many great reviews regarding its customer service and the quality and value of the products. A collection of customer reviews from various websites are gathered and posted on the PrepareWise Testimonials page. Following are excerpts:

"Hi prepare wise guys! I happened to find your website the other day while preparing 72 hour bags for my son before the huge blizzard that shut down southeast Wisconsin. Thankful I found your site. I will definitely feel more prepared with a good food storage."-April H. via Facebook Page

"Been looking into food storage and kept thinking all the cans, rotation, 25 lbs of pintos didn't seem real appetizing. Glad I found you."-Ginna C. via Facebook Page

"Glad I found you. Thanks for helping us be prepared."-Carolyn M. customers leave mixed reviews regarding the Legacy Premium brand:

“I've sampled several other long term food storage products and this tasted the best, I'd be happy to have it for dinner or lunch anytime. Very good value from everything that i've researched online.” – Russell L. Burraston

“I would never want to survive on this.” – Mike R.

Overall, PrepareWise seems to have very satisfied customers and a competitive edge in pricing and quality of products.

Preparewise: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

PrepareWise is not a BBB Accredited business however; companies are not required to seek accreditation. The company currently has a rating of ‘B’ on a scale of ‘A+’ to ‘F’. This rating is issued by the Better Business Bureau based on several factors, including the length of time the company has been in business, the number of customer complaints filed with the BBB (there have been no complaints filed in the past three years), and the available background information on the company. Factors that lowered the company’s rating are the length of time the business has been operating, and advertising issues found by the Better Business Bureau.

PrepareWise has received some notice from various websites and media outlets, including The folks at the Prepper Broadcasting Network gave the PrepareWise products some very good reviews regarding the taste and quality of the products they offer. recently posted a welcome to PrepareWise as a new advertiser on their website. They happen to mention in their promotion of PrepareWise that the company plans to release a ‘Certified GMO Free’ line of meals in the near future. For those not familiar with GMOs, there has been much controversy of late regarding the possible dangers of consuming genetically-modified food products. PrepareWise’s release of Certified GMO Free foods will be a great relief to those hoping to avoid GMOs.

Preparewise: Website Popularity & Google Ranking, a website information and statistics company, shows a global traffic rank of 279,240 for PrepareWise. Basically, this means that of the websites available today, 279,239of them receive more global traffic than The company’s U.S. traffic rank is currently 58,350. This information is calculated based on page views and average daily visitors over the course of three months.

Another statistics company,, analyzes traffic rank and unique visitors for websites. PrepareWise currently averages 16,430 unique visitors per month and has a U.S. popularity rank of 98,170.

Google’s Page Rank feature gives PrepareWise a page rank value of 4 out of 10 possible points.

Preparewise: Social Media Presence

PrepareWise maintains a presence on the most popular social media websites, Twitter and Facebook. Following are the company’s stats for those websites:

  • Twitter – The Company currently has 947 followers and follows 1,420 other members. Tweets are posted frequently and are usually regarding promotions and helpful information regarding the use of their products.
  • Facebook3,664 Facebook members currently follow PrepareWise. The company posts very frequently and most posts are regarding products on the company’s website and current promotions.

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, the company also maintains a blog regarding emergency food storage and company news. The blog offers gardening tips and foods to avoid for long-term storage, as well.

Preparewise: Website Security & Safety

PrepareWise offers customers a safe and secure way to shop for emergency food storage products. The website is secured with 256-bit data encryption and has received a ‘Verified’ security seal by Additionally, Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic tool verifies that the website does not currently contain any suspicious content or operate as an intermediary for malicious websites or software.

The company has met Google's standards and requirements for Google Checkout and is also Paypal verified.

Preparewise: Pricing & Packages

One of the best features of the PrepareWise website is that a price comparison is offered on the home page. This feature compares prices, shelf life, calories, cost per day (per 2000 calories), shipping charges, etc., for PrepareWise and five other companies. The information provided gives PrepareWise a significant boost over the competitors; however, the following price comparisons are taken directly from the competitors’ websites.

Example #1 – A ‘grab-and-go’ type kit containing provisions for short-term (72-hour) survival for family or 2-week survival for individual (typically).

PrepareWiseEmergency QuickPack - $185.00 (free shipping)

  • Contains: 90 servings of food, a first aid kit, and water filtration system in a backpack

eFoodsDirect3-Day Family Grab and Go kit - $199.95 (shipping extra)

  • Contains: 44 servings of food, stove with cook pot, water filter, utensils, emergency masks in a backpack

FoodInsuranceThe Essentials Kit - $199.99 (shipping extra)

  • Contains: 2-week food supply (3 meals per day individual), waterproof matches, cooking tin, reusable heat source, and 1500+ use water filter bottle

Example #2 – Long-term (one year) Food Supply for family

PrepareWise – 6,480 serving package providing 3 meals per day for 6 people for one full year - $6,995 with FREE SHIPPING

  • Includes meals that are low in sodium, no MSG, vegetarian friendly, no cholesterol, high fiber, gluten free, and contain no trans fats. Shelf life is 25 years and all are made in the U.S.A.

eFoodsDirect – 4,416 serving package providing 1-year supply of food for 4 adults - $5,995.95 plus $608.78 shipping for grand total of $6604.73

  • Also includes a bonus food pack that includes whey milk, grape drink, orange drink, white rice, chocolate pudding, and vanilla pudding.

FoodInsurance – 3,792 entrée meal plan providing 3 meals per day for 5 people (2 adults & 3 children) for one year - $9,989.99 with FREE SHIPPING

  • Includes 1264 breakfast servings and 2528 lunch/dinner servings. Also includes bonus items: 1 ‘Emergency Plus Kit’, 1 ‘The Essentials Kit’, and 1 ‘Drink Mix Combo’ (Total value of $869.97)
Preparewise: Shipping Rates & Policies

What may appear to be a great deal on the surface, can quickly become a not-so-good deal once shipping costs are figured into the total price. PrepareWise, fortunately, offers free shipping on ALL orders, regardless of how large or small the order may be. Additionally, the company issues tracking numbers on all orders, allowing customers to track the shipments right to their doors.

PrepareWise offers International Checkout that allows customers from all over the world to purchase their emergency food supplies. Hundreds of countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, are eligible for shipments.

Most shipments typically leave the warehouse within 4-7 business days.

Preparewise: Payment Methods Accepted

PrepareWise offers customers the following options to pay for their orders:

  • Major credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discover)
  • Debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo
  • PayPal
  • International Checkout for international customers

The company does not currently offer eBillMe, BillMeLater, eCheck, EFT, QPass, or any other payment option at this time.

Preparewise: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

PrepareWise offers an excellent return policy. Most unused items may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. In order to receive a refund or credit, customers must request a Return Authorization Number from the company prior to shipping the products back. This is done by calling 1-801-368-5680 or by emailing

Additional Information:

  • Products must be returned in original packaging and in new condition unless damaged during delivery.
  • Damaged products are refunded or replaced free of charge, including shipping.
  • Undeliverable items or orders that are refused will be refunded, less return shipping charges.
  • Once returns are received and inspected, refunds, replacements, or credits will be issued based on reason for return.
Preparewise: Product images & screenshots
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